2180 Oakland Dr Unit B, Sycamore, IL 60178


In addition to our regular menu items, we sell other quality goods in our small in-store marketplace.


We are proud to sell LOCAL honey from two local beekeepers.  Charter Grove Honey Farm has hives in Kingston, Genoa, and Sycamore areas.  Sunset Grove Apiary has hives in the Waterman area.  We sell honey in 2 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., and 1.5 lb. bottles.


All the tea we offer by the cup in our café we also sell by the bag or box.  We are very particular about our teas to ensure we offer the finest possible.  We sell Rishi teas, which you won’t commonly find elsewhere in the local area, a superior brand that specializes in organic teas sold in bleach-free, chemical-free tea satchets.  Please see our tea page for more information.


We sell jars of local-grown, organic popcorn from one of our local produce vendors, Stojan Vegetables in Maple Park

Fresh Produce

A variety of fresh produce from small local organic farms will periodically be available for purchase during the growing season


We also sell premium quality handmade goats milk soaps from Sunset Grove.

Local Artwork

 Throughout our café you will see a wide assortment of artwork displayed.  All art is created by artists in the local group Artists on State and is available for purchase.