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One Day of Detox Juices



Why do a juice detox?


Everyday our bodies are overwhelmed by toxic pollutants.  These come in the form of all the artificial chemicals that are now rampant throughout our commercial agriculture and processed food industries.  They include fast food, the overindulgence of sugars, excesses of caffeine and alcohol.  The overuse of prescription medicines pollutes our bodies.  Pollutants are in the air around us, from automobile and industrial emissions to poisonous household cleaners.  Toxic pollutants are literally everywhere today.


Our bodies are wonderful biological systems that have built-in defenses against certain toxins.  However, the extreme amounts and nature of toxins that have become part of contemporary society are overwhelming our body’s defense systems.  As such, the prevalence of cancer and other diseases have continued to rise.  We need to help our bodies.  One way of doing this is by simply providing our bodies a focused period of concentrated nutrients found in the most important food group for our bodies- vegetables and fruits.  We do this by saturating our bodies with fresh-pressed vegetable and fruit juices to load our bodies with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other natural immunity boosters and nutrition.


What is a juice detox?


A juice detox, also called a juice cleanse, is a sustained period of time during which you consume nothing but fresh-pressed juices and a lot of water.  These juices should be fresh-pressed using all real vegetables and fruits, heavier on the vegetables, and contain no chemical additives, which is why store-bought juices do not work for a detox.  During the period in which you do a juice detox, you are only consuming liquids, in effect giving your digestive system a break from the typical daily stresses you usually put on it.  It is important to drink a lot of water each day of your detox.  Do not view these juices as meal replacements…they are meals in and of themselves.


Who should do a juice detox?


This is like asking who should eat right, or who should exercise, or who needs a proper amount of sleep, or who needs to avoid or at least positively manage stress.  The answer is everyone!  We all should do everything we can to keep our bodies functioning at peak level, which included maintaining a strong immune system.  A juice detox serves this purpose.  If you are in poorer health, a juice detox can help you jumpstart better health.  If you are in good health, a juice detox can help you sustain that good health.


What are the benefits of a juice detox?


The core benefit of a juice detox is to eliminate toxins.  In addition, the benefits you receive from a juice detox include:

– better immunity                                                       – clearer skin

– metabolic balance                                                    – brighter nails

– increased energy                                                      – shinier hair

– digestive system reset                                              – vitamin and mineral enrichment

– elimination of bloat                                                  – antioxidant build up

– weight loss                                                                – mood improvement

– and many more!


Our Juice Detox Program…


Our baseline juice detox program is a 3-day period during which we fresh-press for you 6 x 16-oz juices per day for three consecutive days for a total of 18 juices.  You come in each morning to pick up your 6 juices and consume them throughout the day and evening as your meals and snacks.  That’s it, but you also need to drink a lot of water each day as well…as a minimum drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.


We ask that you come in for 10-15 minutes at least one day prior to when you want to begin your detox.  During this time, we will again go over the specifics of our juice detox program and help you decide what specific juices we will make for you each day.  You will choose your juices from our regular menu of eighteen juices.  Because we fresh-press each juice to order, we can customize your juices to meet your specific needs.  If you have no specific dietary requirements or limitations, we recommend you take the “rainbow approach” and consume a regime of juices that will give you a wide variety of vegetables and fruits of many colors.  This ensures you consume a full range of nutrients.


If after your 3-day detox you decide you want to continue your detox for more days, we can certainly work with you to go as long as you’d like.  Our core detox is for a 3-day period because we find this a suitable period of time for first timers.  However, if you’ve done a juice detox before, or you are in at least relatively good health, then you may very well want to go a longer period of time.  A longer period of time can have even greater health benefits.


If you find after your first detox day that 6 juices is too much, which may happen to a small minority of people, then we can simply stretch your 18 juices out over more days.


The price of our 3-day detox is $147.43 + tax.  This price also includes the cost of glass mason jars, which we put your juices in to maintain freshness.  (Due to health laws, we cannot use any jars or containers you provide, but only ours.)  Because you are buying your juices in a bulk amount of at least 18, you are receiving a discounted price.  If you return your mason jars within a week after your 3-day detox, cleaned , in full working order, and with no wear or rust on the caps or rings, we will gladly buy back your jars for $0.50 each.