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“Let food be thy medicine…” – Hippocrates

+ We provide you the highest quality drinks and food as we believe that proper nutrition through the daily consumption of quality food and drinks is not only essential for the gaining and maintenance of good health, but offers you the greatest healing capacity for whatever health and wellness challenges you may face.

+ We make every juice and smoothie fresh to order using REAL fruits and vegetables, REAL living food so that you might achieve REAL health and wellness.  Consuming fresh-pressed juices and real smoothies daily is one of the easiest steps toward better health.

+ All our drinks and food focus on this most important food group for your health– fruits and vegetables.  Thus, we offer mainly vegan options.  It is now well understood throughout most health institutions in our country that AT LEAST HALF a person’s daily diet should consist of vegetables and fruits.  There is nothing wrong with making this important food group even MORE THAN HALF your daily diet, as many studies show multiple health benefits of such.

+ We use the freshest REAL fruits and vegetables for your drinks and food.

+ We source locally to the greatest extent we can.  This insures that we keep your dollars in the local economy and source high quality ingredients.

+ We use organic ingredients to the greatest extent we can.

+ All of our drinks are naturally gluten-free.  Our soups, salads, and baked goods are gluten-free, and our wraps can be made on a gluten-free tortilla.

+ All of our drinks and food are dairy-free.  There are no nutrients in dairy that can’t be consumed elsewhere.  Many people today suffer from varying severities of dairy allergies.  Most of the dairy produced today for mass consumption is of low quality.  We prevent any negative health consequences of dairy by avoiding it in our food and drinks altogether.


– We are not a fast food joint.  We put time and passion into everything we do for your greater nutritional health and enjoyment.

– We do not put artificial chemicals or preservatives in our drinks or food.  If you look at the so-called juices and smoothies sold in major grocery stores, they can sit on shelves for month after month and maintain a consistent color and density.  How are they able to do this?  They are loaded with stabilizing chemicals which are NOT good for your health.

– We don’t use powder blends or high fructose corn syrup juice bases for our smoothies and juices.  We use 100% REAL food ingredients.  Most places that sell smoothies and juices, certainly true of fast food joints, sell much less expensive ones because they use inexpensive artificial ingredients.  We believe that REAL smoothies and juices consist of REAL fruits and vegetables, which is what offers you REAL health benefits…and they taste good too!

– We do not use fillers such as yogurt in our drinks.  Businesses that do this do so as a cost-saving measure (yogurt costs less than real produce), not for the sake of making their drinks healthier.  Besides, we are completely dairy-free.

– We do not use old produce that is turning bad.  Most grocery stores that juice do so as they can use overly ripe produce instead of throwing it out, another cost-savings measure.  We use nothing but fresh, high quality produce.

– We are not attached to a company that pushes factory-made, artificial chemical and soy-based mixes and call them health shakes, smoothies, juices, etc.  Companies like this, which seem to be popping up everywhere including the local area, have a different philosophy of what they consider healthy than we do.  We serve REAL food using REAL ingredients (alive and made by nature) to provide you REAL health.

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive.

What do you offer that is healthy? 

Everything!  Unlike almost every other food and drink establishment, we intentionally create our menu so that everything on it is a healthy choice.  You do not have to sort through our menu to find one or two moderately healthy choices as you do in other food establishments.

Which juice or smoothie do you recommend to give me energy?

All of them!  Food is what provides your body energy.  Unfortunately, most of what everyone eats whether they get it at fast food, chain restaurants, greasy diners, package-food heavy cafes, or the processed food you buy at the grocery store, is NOT REAL food.  Let’s call it what it is- FAKE FOOD.  This FAKE FOOD not only fails to give your body the proper energy it needs, it also will make you bloated, acidic, and sluggish.  REAL FOOD on the other hand gives you energy because it comes from real, growing organisms without chemicals or factory processing (which kills nutritional value).  All our juices and smoothies are made from all REAL fruits and vegetables, which is also the most important food group–REAL FOOD, in order to provide you REAL NUTRITION for genuine health.

What is the difference between juices and smoothies?

To make a juice, we put fresh vegetables and fruit through our juicers to extract juice from the majority of the pulp.  Our juices thus are more concentrated than our smoothies.  Because they are juice with the pulp removed, they require minimal digestion and will hit your system faster…you will feel the positive effects faster.  Additionally, our juices are generally made with a higher percentage of vegetables than fruit.  We serve our juices at room temperature, but will be happy to add ice upon request.

To make a smoothie, we put fresh fruit and vegetables into a blender, add a little coconut water or almond milk to enable everything to blend, add a little honey or dates to sweeten, and add ice to chill the smoothie.  Because the pulp of the fruits and vegetables remain in the smoothie, a smoothie will have higher fiber content than a juice.  Because we use all real produce to make our smoothies, ensuring the fiber benefit of the actual pulp, our smoothies will likely be a bit different consistency than the so-called “smoothies” (a.k.a. FAKE smoothies) that you’ll get elsewhere.  Our smoothies are generally made with a higher percentage of fruits than vegetables.  The additions of honey or dates tend to make smoothies sweeter tasting than juices, but we are happy to leave out if requested.

From a health viewpoint, both are very healthy for you, and each has its advantages as mentioned above.  We recommend for the sake of nutritional variety that you mix it up and consume a mix of both our fresh-pressed juices and real smoothies.

Why don’t you sell coffee?

For a few reasons:  First, in terms of health, coffee just isn’t that healthy for you.  Coffee is one of the more acidic foods you can consume.  Too much acidic food is not good for you, putting your body in a higher acidic state instead of the higher alkaline state your body needs for good health.   Second, relative to tea, tea is much healthier, particularly a quality green or herbal tea.  Focusing on your health, we choose to provide you the healthier option.  Third, almost every food establishment serves coffee.  As should be evident, we are happy to be different from the majority food establishment.   Thus, we choose to focus on a nice range of the highest quality teas you’ll find.

Why is your focus on vegetables and fruits

After water, it is the most important thing you should put in your body.  Of all the food groups, vegetables and fruits, real produce, is the most important food group.  Unfortunately, it is also the food group in which most Americans are deficient.  There is a nation-wide need for food establishments to provide people with more options for consuming more vegetables and fruits daily, and we fill need in multiple menu options to include, juices, smoothies, soups, wraps, and salads.

Why are all of your products dairy-free?

A growing number of Americans have an increasing intolerance level to dairy products.  Unfortunately, menu items in most food establishments are heavy on dairy.  Further, there is no nutrition found in dairy that can’t be consumed through non-dairy options.  Thus, it seems to us there are more reasons to be dairy-free than to offer dairy options.

Why is almost everything you make gluten-free?

Even a greater number of Americans have an increasing intolerance level to gluten, some so severe that the consumption of gluten could send them to the hospital.  Gluten seems to have negative bloating and inflammatory properties, and tends to make people sluggish.  As with dairy, there is no nutrition found in gluten than can’t be consumed through gluten-free options.  Again, it seems to us there are more reasons to be gluten-free than not.  We would gladly be one hundred percent gluten-free, but our challenge remains that the one gluten item we have, tortillas for our wraps (we do have a gluten-free tortilla option) remains much more favorable to mainstream tastes as there remain challenges in making a quality gluten-free tortilla that is more moist, pliable, and wider appealing.  Thus, we continue to offer customers traditional gluten tortillas.  If you opt to have us make your wrap in a gluten-free tortilla however, rest assured that we follow strict procedures to minimize the chance of gluten contamination.

Why do your soups taste so good?

We put love in everything we do.  We make all of our soups from scratch, using the best REAL food ingredients we can, keeping dairy, gluten, and sugar out of our soups.  We take the time and care to make high quality soups.  Not only do our soups taste great, but they sit well in your stomach.  They will not bloat you or make you feel sluggish, but just the opposite- they’ll energize you as they are REAL food.

Are your bean brownies really made with beans?

Yes!  These delicious brownies are made with real beans, and thus are a good source of protein and fiber.  They are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, and vegan as well.