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We specialize in the most premier quality organic teas you’ll find in this area.  You may find better-known tea brands elsewhere, but we believe you certainly won’t find better quality or better tasting teas than we offer, nor will you likely find healthier tea blends.  We regularly offer ten varieties of bagged Rishi Teas, a superlative brand that is not only organic, sourcing the finest quality tea ingredients from around the globe, but also ensures its tea sachets are chemical-free, unlike the majority of brands that treat their bags with chlorine and other chemicals best avoided.  We will occasionally have guest tea types as well.

You can enjoy a cup of the following teas hot or iced.  You can also take these teas home by the bag or box.


16 oz cup- $2.49 w/ free water refills
Individual bag- $1.49
15-bag box- $12.99

Our Rishi Tea Selection

Black Limon
This tea features rare Lima limon citrus from Guatemala, fermented according to an ancient Persian technique for a uniquely zesty profile.  Black Limon is an elevated take on a classic tea pairing and a delicious pick-me-up at any time of day.  Bold and brisk, this black tea with zesty, fermented limon citrus will please any black tea enthusiast.

Blueberry Hibiscus
Blueberry hibiscus refreshes with the tangy-tart character of hibiscus, the sweet succulence of Great Lakes blueberries, and the complex floral accents of wild-harvested schizandra berries.  Known as the “five-flavor fruit,” schizandra berry has a long history as a traditional East Asian tonic and anti-stress tea.  With the addition of rooibos, this is a vibrant, refreshingly tart blend.

Chocolate Cinnamon
Rich cocoa overlaid with sweet Saigon cinnamon and pure, fresh-chopped vanilla bean melds with the deep, smooth flavor of Pu-erh tea.  Pu-erh is a rich, dark fermented tea from China.  This most luxurious chocolate tea is not just for dessert but can be enjoyed anytime.  Unlike a lot of black teas, the divine tastes of this tea don’t require milk or sugar for balance.  This tea is truly indulgent yet soothing, all in one cup.

Jade Cloud
Jade Cloud is a pure green tea grown in the mountains of Hubei province in China.  It is hand-harvested in spring when the leaves are most tender, delicate and sweet.  For a wonderfully mild cup of pure green tea goodness, Jade Cloud is your choice.

Matcha Ginger Buzz
This stimulating Matcha tea blend elevates the senses with a special combination of ingredients designed to activate the central nervous system.  The rich L-theanine amino acid contents from Japanese Matcha and Sencha teas promote concentration, mental clarity, and focus.  Premium rosemary provides a nervine tonic charge and stimulates activity in the limbic system of the brain, which is linked to memory formation and emotional response.  Ginger and yuzu citrus peel provides zesty, warming accents and integrate an amazingly fragrant and complex range of essential oils.

Peach Nectar
Early spring harvested white tea from the misty mountains of China’s Fujian Province provides a honey-like undertone to this delicious peach nectar blend.  Succulent peaches, tangy rosehips and floral accents of honeybush marry beautifully with the tender white tea, creating a delicately sweet and playful cup.

Peppermint Sage
This essential spa blend features savory sage and revitalizing peppermint with a harmonizing hint of licorice root which provides a soothing and centering sweetness that balances uplifting herbs.  Lavender offers an exquisite, subtle sweetness and promotes tranquility.

Strawberry Tulsi
This delectable white tea blend includes organic strawberries, rosehips, and tulsi.  Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is an adaptogenic Ayurvedic herb known to help the body cope with stress.  This blend of tasting of luscious and refreshing berries, spearmint, and tulsi offers a memorable experience- day or night.

Tropical Green
Replenish with the goodness of green tea and revel in the transporting aroma of tropical fruits and exotic flowers.  Tropical Green highlights the smooth, tender flavor of organic green tea with sweet, citrusy lemongrass and hints of pina colada.  This has long been the top-selling tea at Grassroots Juicery & Café.

Turmeric Chai
This exquisite herbal, caffeine-free chai highlights the lovely golden color and revitalizing pungency of turmeric in a seductive blend of roasted coconut, sumptuous vanilla bean, and creamy sarsaparilla root.  Classic chai notes of exotic cardamom, zesty ginger, and spicy black pepper create irresistible depth.

If you don’t want a container of 15 bags of the same kind of tea, we will gladly mix-n-match a container of 15 bags of your choice.  Just let us know.  A set of 15 mix-n-match tea bags is $14.99.